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connecticut miniature dollhouse


This very rare piece is original to the Astolat Dollhouse Castle. It is a vertical harpsichord called a clavicytherium (see attached photo). It is shown in the attached two photographs in the Astolat Dollhouse Castle. One is from the book Treasures in Miniature: A Tour of Six Special Miniature Collections, From Carpets to Castles (Kalmbach Publishing Co, 1993). Author; Sybil Harp. Page 33.

It is also shown in the magazine Miniature Collector, August 2008, article entitled “Astolat” by Mary Kalilski on page 42. (See two attached photos)

The piece has a handwritten label and engravement on the back that says:

17th Century – tall case harpsichord –
Linda Kaysing, “Johns 12 1978”

connecticut dollhouse
new mexico castle dollhouse

new mexico dollhouse castle

Original oil Painting

This item is a rare valued original painting by Lois Jane Rhoads Eggers (dated 1979). Scene of Venice. It was commission for the DHC and given as a gift in 1979 to the Astolat Dollhouse.

This painting is seen within the Dollhouse Castle in the book Treasures in Miniature: A Tour of Six Special Miniature Collections, From Carpets to Castles (Kalmbach Publishing Co, 1993). Author Sybil Harp. It appears on page 22. See photo of that page below.

massachusetts miniature dollhouse
new jersey miniature dollhouse

adh charity for children

Very Rare Antique Statue of Shakespeare

Very rare antique sterling silver miniature signed sculpture of Shakespeare circa 1899 standing on solid ox bone. Part of the Astolat Dollhouse Castle collection this piece often stands in the library or the chapel.

Terms of the Auction

This auction is being held in a format more consistent with a raffle. All monies bid will be considered donations to the Astolat Dollhouse Castle Children’s charity fund, and are not returned to the bidder. Instead of the winner being selected randomly, the winner is chosen by the top bid.

The top bidder is the winner and will receive the item bid upon, along with the proper credentials. These include a letter of authenticity from Curator of the Astolat Dollhouse Castle, stamped with the Astolat Dollhouse Castle raised seal as certified bona fide. Proceeds from the auction are to benefit children’s charities.

The tax deductibility of all bids has not been fully determined yet. However, we are expecting that all bids will be fully tax deductible. But we cannot guarantee this. If so, you will receive a letter (if you wish) stating this to be included with your 2015 income tax return due April 15, 2016.

If you agree with the above terms, please check here and you will be routed to the auction page:

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